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Online auto parts store

The TECHNOSERVICE company is engaged in the sale of spare parts, consumables and accessories for cars, trailers and semi-trailers of European and CIS production. The main task of our company is to provide consumers with high-quality auto parts at affordable prices. You can verify this yourself by visiting our website A convenient online selection of spare parts will allow you to choose the necessary spare part yourself, as well as to familiarize yourself with the photo and technical characteristics of the product. Thanks to direct connections with manufacturers' factories, we offer you auto components at the lowest possible prices, thereby giving you the opportunity to significantly save on repair and maintenance of equipment. And this is our main difference from similar organizations. Qualified managers of the TECHNOSERVICE company will help you choose exactly the product you need, saving your precious time. The constant availability of products, developed warehouse and transport logistics allow us to deliver the goods purchased from us to any region of Ukraine in the shortest possible time! The goods are sent directly on the day of the order!

Car care should be as responsible and attentive as possible to ensure comfort and safety of operation. In any vehicle, there is a large number of various parts and components that have a limited useful life. When it ends, it is important to make a timely replacement, use high-quality components. Our company allows you to buy auto parts in Kyiv on the most favorable terms. Each buyer will be able to choose the perfect solution for their needs, both independently and with the help of qualified consultation. You just need to call 044 545-70-22, 050 177-44-34, 067 742-94-13 or leave an application online on the company's website.

Quality spare parts for cars, trailers and semi-trailers

On the modern market, they are presented in a very large assortment. The main categories include:

– Electricity and cable.

- Lighting and optics.

– Spare parts for cabin, body, trailer, semi-trailer.

– Elements of the exhaust and air system.

– Pneumatic systems, connectors, etc.

Each category offers a large assortment, thanks to which it will be incredibly easy to buy car parts. There is a high probability that you will be able to find a spare part that is optimal in all parameters. The assortment also includes a variety of accessories, tools, and accessories.

You can find spare parts for equipment from European manufacturers and for models made in the CIS. Really comfortable conditions for selection have been created with the help of an intuitive electronic catalog.

Buy car spare parts in Ukraine

The country offers many options, but not every one of them can be a good choice. It is worth giving up disassembly, markets and other similar places. Our company has quite a lot of experience, which speaks for itself. You can count on the best conditions in the country. All auto spare parts can be bought really at the best prices. Other reasons for which clients turn to us include:

- A large assortment.

– Convenient electronic catalog, sophisticated filtering system.

- Quality guarantee.

- Fast delivery.

– Various payment methods, etc.

Thanks to us, Ukrainian car spare parts become as accessible as possible to everyone. Professional consultation gives an opportunity to understand the nuances of the choice, to find the ideal solution for the given parameters. Permanent discounts are offered, and in the sale section you can find spare parts on favorable terms. The best conditions in the country have been created for a comfortable choice and purchase.

High-quality car parts and their advantages

It is very important to buy only proven parts, the quality of which is not in doubt. This will allow you to get a full set of mandatory benefits for successful operation. Among them can be noted:


Compliance with all modern standards.

Reliability, etc.

All parts for a specific car or trailer model must have the necessary technical characteristics. Therefore, they are installed without problems and serve as long as possible. It is very easy to buy spare parts for a car with a quality guarantee if you contact us.