A lot depends on the quality of the clutch system in the car. It can fail for a variety of reasons. Everyone can buy a high-quality clutch kit in our company, having received comfortable conditions and many advantages. Complete replacement of the kit is not required so often. But it is still important to know where it can be purchased with a quality guarantee. Our online store offers proven brands and much more.

Features of the clutch kit

Almost every motorist is interested in how much the clutch kit costs. The cost may differ depending on the model and other parameters. Prior consultation with our employees will help you navigate the prices, find the optimal ratio of quality and cost. The set usually changes when a two-mass flywheel is put in place of the usual one. It consists of several main components:

  • The slave disk.
  • Basket.
  • Release bearing.

It may also include some other elements, including a special fork, slave and master additional disks, fasteners, etc. Each element has its own characteristics and features. To choose the best option, it is advisable to use professional advice. In this case, the clutch kit will be much easier to buy. We offer qualified assistance in making a choice, quality assurance and many other advantages.

If all the components of the system are standard in the car, then you need to approach the choice thoroughly. The ideal option is to use a VIN code. You can't just take and install spare parts in a vehicle that first caught your eye. They must meet the main parameters of the gearbox and motor. You need to know the type and volume of the motor to choose the right parts. It is better to contact experts so that you do not make a mistake in your choice.

The price of a car's clutch depends on the brand, model, and other factors. During the selection, pay attention to the number of teeth in the slave disk, the diameter of the basket, the number of mounting holes, and other similar parameters. Information can usually be found in the technical data sheet of the vehicle or with the help of experienced consultants.

Buy clutch kit in Ukraine

If you need a reliable kit with a full set of mandatory benefits, you need to contact a trusted place. The company sells high-quality and certified spare parts, the reliability of which is not in doubt. With us, the price of the clutch will always be the most democratic in the relevant market. In addition, access to a convenient electronic catalog, easy sorting, and professional advice is guaranteed.

We offer everyone who wants to buy a clutch Kiev with a guarantee of impeccable service, prompt delivery. You can get an official guarantee. If for some reason the product does not fit, you can return it. We offer convenient payment methods, among which it is easy to choose the ideal option. This makes purchasing parts even easier and more profitable.

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