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The clutch system in cars consists of a variety of parts, including a disc release basket. These components play a very important role in ensuring the full functioning of the entire vehicle. Therefore, in case of failure, you need to contact a trusted place to buy new components of appropriate quality.

The clutch basket and clutch cover disc

Baskets are an important part of the system's design. They can break down for various reasons, including natural wear, improper operation of the car, too aggressive gear shifting. In any case, a replacement will be required. The main breakdowns relate to the fact that the petals are deformed. Their springiness and elasticity are lost over time, which leads to breakdowns. The petals may be at different heights in this case, which is why the clutch will not be able to turn on completely. If the bearing is damaged, the basket may scratch. The disk will wear out much faster in this situation. You can buy a squeeze disc for timely replacement in our company on favorable terms. Most often, the disk and trash are changed in parallel to create optimal conditions for the system to function.

Using the disc, the flywheel is connected and disconnected, which turns the clutch on and off. The serviceability of this part has a direct impact on the efficiency of the entire system. The basket is attached to the flywheel and the release bearing from different sides. The production usually uses strong types of metals, such as cast iron or steel. Often in modern car models, metal ceramics are used, which has a lot of operational advantages. The basket consists of a pressure plate, a casing, and a spring. If damaged, an urgent replacement must be performed. We offer to buy VAZ squeeze and other types of cars made in the CIS countries.

Buy clutch disc in Ukraine

To purchase important elements of the clutch system with a guarantee of impeccable quality in our country, it is advisable to contact a trusted company. We offer our clients a full set of advantages that make the purchasing process as comfortable as possible. Among the main advantages are:

  • Perfect quality of all parts that are made according to modern standards by well-known manufacturers.
  • Certificates of conformity for the entire range.
  • Convenient and quick selection thanks to the electronic catalog.
  • Fair prices that allow you to buy spare parts to hit the budget.

Prompt delivery, for which you can choose the most convenient option. It is carried out with the help of various services throughout the country.
This is just part of the list of benefits that you can get thanks to us. The necessary basket on the car can be selected independently thanks to a convenient sorting system. You can order it with the help of experienced specialists who are always ready to suggest the right solution. All products must have a quality guarantee, which supports many other positive aspects of cooperation with our company.

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