Tube (hose) polyethylene PE Ø10-14mm DIN 74 324 SALFLEX Turkey color black (holiday rate bay 10m)

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The tube (hose) polyethylene is used for repair, installation and laying of highways of pneumatic systems. Used to supply air, fluid and lubricants. Withstand high vibration, mechanical and temperature loads. The tube can withstand a maximum burst pressure of 28 Bar. It is made in different colors.
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  • Outer tube diameter   14мм мм.
  • Diameter of the tube is internal   10 мм. мм.
  • Operating temperature   100 °C
  • Material   PE Polyethylene
  • Operating pressure   15 bar. bar.
  • Maximum pressure   28 bar. bar.
  • Producer   SALFLEX
  • Producing country   Turkey

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