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  Акссессуары для соединений уголки, переходники, штуцера являются одними из разновидностей пневматических соединителей. Применяются для соединения воздушных магистралей и потребителей, ремонта оборудования и дооборудованию пневматической системы грузовых автомобилей.
  Изготавливаются из стали и латуни и обеспечивают герметичное соединение трубопроводов за счет резьбового соединения, стойкость к коррозии , долговечность эксплуатации. Исполняются в различных конфигурациях : прямые, угловые, тройники, переходные, нипеля, манжеты, штуцера и т.д. 
  Наша компания располагает большим ассортиментом соединителей и фурнитуры. Удобный подбор,позволит Вам быстро найти нужный соединитель. Приобрести товар ВЫ сможете оформив заявку на сайте через корзину, либо обратиться за помощью к нашим специалистам по телефонам:
                                 +380 (44) 545-70-22  +38(067) 742-94-13(Viber)  +38(050) 177-44-34
  Будем рады видеть Вас в числе наших новых клиентов!! С уважением компания ТЕХНОСЕРВИС
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Square connecting pneumatic system. It is applied to connection of the pneumatic...
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The union connecting brake tubes. It is applied to connection of the pneumatic e...
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The union connecting brake tubes. It is applied to connection of the pneumatic...

For reliable connection of brake pipes in pneumatic systems, it is necessary to use reliable fittings. They are another type of connecting elements, the quality of which plays an important role. It is very easy to buy a brake pipe fitting from us, having received a guarantee of high quality, adequate cost and other advantages.

Features of quality fittings

They are used to connect air lines and various equipment, and can be effective in carrying out repairs. The price of a brake pipe fitting depends on a number of factors, including the size and material of production. Usually brass or stainless steel is used in the manufacture. These materials have optimal performance characteristics that allow for reliable use. Several configurations are offered, which also affect the cost. They can be angular, straight, transitional, and many others.

It is very easy to buy the corners of the fitting with a quality guarantee, if you contact our online store. We offer a decent range and products of the highest quality. It meets the basic standards, which positively affects the success of use. This connector guarantees a tight connection with increased reliability. It has a threaded connection that ensures reliability and ease of use. Other advantages include:

  • Duration of use due to a large margin of safety.
  • Resistance to corrosion processes.
  • Adequate cost.

Thanks to these advantages, the use is simple and brings only positive emotions. It is important to use high-quality fittings in pneumatic systems that meet the basic standards.

Buy fittings in Ukraine

To purchase them at a fair price in a comfortable environment, it is advisable to contact a trusted online store. Every corner nut fitting that you can buy very quickly is characterized by high quality and other advantages. You can buy high-quality products that meet the standards in our store. They are guaranteed.

To buy a conical corner fitting as easily as possible, you can consult with experienced professionals. For this purpose, comfortable conditions are created, as well as for fast delivery. Connectors in the range are presented at an excellent level, which simplifies the search and purchase process. These are all products of famous brands.

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