Metal emergency connectors

 Металлические фитинги являются одними из разновидностей пневматических соединителей. Применяются для соединения, стыковки пневматических (воздушных) трубок, шлангов между собой, а также для подключения воздушнных магистралей к пневматическому оборудованию и инструментам. Изготавливаются из стали или латуни  обеспечивающих герметичное соединение трубопроводов ,стойкость к коррозии и низким температурам, долговечность эксплуатации, а также низкую стоимость. Исполняются в различных конфигурациях : прямые, угловые, тройники, разветвители,крестообразные и т.д.
   Металлические фиттинги имеют очень простой способ соединения. Для этого достаточно просто вставить трубку в фиттинг соответствующего диаметра с небольшим усилием до упора. Разъединение трубки производится также максимально просто, путем нажатия на колечко-кнопку на торцах фиттинга.
   Наша компания располагает большим ассортиментом соединителей и фурнитуры. Удобный подбор,позволит Вам быстро найти нужный соединитель. Приобрести товар ВЫ сможете оформив заявку на сайте через корзину, либо обратиться за помощью к нашим специалистам по телефонам:
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In modern trucks, pneumatic brake systems are actively used, which consist of many components. Air pipes and hoses are connected with each other using special fittings. They can be used to connect tools and equipment to air lines. It is easy to buy a stainless steel brake tube connector from us on the most favorable terms, having received a guarantee of quality and reliability of service.

Specifics of high-quality emergency metal connectors

They are made of brass or stainless steel, which have optimal characteristics for successful operation. If you buy emergency metal connectors from trusted manufacturers, you can automatically get several important advantages. Among them we can mention:

  • The longevity of use.
  • An increased level of protection from low temperatures, corrosive processes.
  • Ease of use.
  • An adequate cost.

Connectors are quite inexpensive, which allows you to purchase them without any damage to your own budget. They are made according to special standards, which guarantees reliable operation and tightness of the pipeline connection. Emergency metal connectors will not be difficult to buy, if you contact us. The online store offers a wide selection, high-quality conditions for customers and many other advantages. In the range you can find angular, straight, cross-shaped and many other models. All of them are easy to connect. The fitting is connected to the tube quickly and securely. You can also easily disconnect them if necessary. To do this, there is a special button in the form of a small ring on the end part of the element.

Buy emergency metal connectors in Ukraine

To buy them without any problems, it is advisable to choose a reliable online store. For emergency metal connectors, the price is always the most affordable in the relevant market. You can also count on a large assortment, a detailed description about the main models. Professionals will help you find the right fitting as quickly and easily as possible.

Optimal conditions have been created for a quick order. It is easy to compare different positions, study their parameters, and cost. Everyone can buy the best stainless steel brake tube connector without any problems by choosing a convenient delivery and payment format. All connectors must be provided with a quality guarantee, which is an additional advantage of contacting us.

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