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Beacon flashing (flasher), red, stationary bolted. Operating voltage 12 volts, ...
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Flashing beacon (flasher), red, on a magnetic and there is a stationary bolt mo...

On the modern market, flashing beacons are presented in a large assortment. They may differ in color, size, and other characteristics. Color usually defines the scope of application. Popular is the red flashing light that you can buy in our online store on favorable terms. It offers a convenient electronic catalog, guaranteed quality products and other advantages.

Main features of red flashing lights

This is a large category of products that is used to improve road safety. Beacons of this type can be effectively used during the transportation of dangerous, oversized cargo by road maintenance services. They are also used on special vehicles when driving on shared roads. The main task of the beacon is to warn other road users of the danger. It does not give the right to violate the General rules of the road, but allows you to slightly deviate from the requirements of certain signs and markings when the corresponding work is carried out.

To buy a red flashing light at a normal price, you can contact us. Previously, it will be easy to study the main technical characteristics, consider the products in the photos. If you need qualified advice, it is very easy to get it from experienced managers. It greatly simplifies the selection process and allows you to make an adequate decision.

Products of this type may differ in power, type of attachment, and other characteristics. Stationary mounting is considered the most common option, but it can also be magnetic. Connection is made using standard-sized terminals. The work is based on the use of halogen lamps, which provide a good level of illumination and durability. Reliable red flasher, the price of which depends on some important features, can be purchased as simply as possible. It can be used on vehicles of operational services, either independently or in combination with blue beacons. Its main task is to signal other drivers on the road about the danger. Such beacons can be used not only on the road, but also to indicate technical structures and buildings of great height.

Buy red flashing lights in Ukraine

To buy them without any problems at the best prices, you need to contact a trusted place. Red beacons are the easiest to buy in our store, which specializes in selling such products. You can count on a lot of advantages, including:

  • Convenient electronic catalog, the ability to compare several different items.
  • Adequate price.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Competent consultations, etc.

For red beacons, our price is democratic, which allows you to choose the perfect solution for different requests. All models presented in the electronic catalog are characterized by strength and reliability. This is a certified product made according to modern standards. You can order a flasher as quickly as possible by choosing a convenient method of payment and delivery.

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