Beacon flashing red RD204-30B 12-30 volts (flasher) magnetic / stationary fastening Turkey

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Flashing beacon (flasher), red, on a magnetic and there is a stationary bolt mount. Operating voltage 12-30 volts, on the diode (LED) lamp SMD 2835, in the amount of 30 pieces. The magnetic fastening is quite reliable and does not require the use of a bolted connection. The beacon is connected by means of a regular cigarette lighter of a vehicle or special equipment, the length of the cable with the connector reaches up to 2 meters. There is a button on the cigarette lighter socket to turn on and change the beacon modes. The beacon has two modes of operation, namely the stroboscope mode and the circular notification mode - as on beacons with a halogen lamp.
It is used on emergency vehicles in one color, or together with a blue flashing beacon, and serves to signal the drivers of other vehicles obliged to stop at the right edge of the roadway. Also, the red beacon is used to indicate tall buildings and technical structures for aviation. Sometimes used for decoration or in entertainment locations.
The beacon bulb is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and does not burn out from ultraviolet rays.
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  • Маячки
  • Type of fastening   Stationary (bolted), Magnetic
  • Color   Red
  • Diameter   108, 149 мм.
  • Height   120, 168 мм.
  • Working voltage   12-30V
  • Lamp type   Diode (LED)
  • Number of lamps (LED diodes)   30
  • Marking the lamp   SMD 2835
  • Power   from 7.5 to 9.6 Вт(W)
  • Amperage   from 0.180 to 0.200 А
  • Article   RD204-30B
  • Producer   RD
  • Producing country   Turkey

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